Friday, December 11, 2009

Been Busy.....but always time for comics.

I know, I am really being like a ghost. Things have been up and down in my life. Lots of work stuff and other stuff. Still I have found a grouping of Avengers stories. My shop has been having a Monday sale each week since the Monday after Thanksgiving. I went that first Monday and then found 90 comics. The price was 10 for $1.00. So I have been busy reading.

The earlier purchases revolved around the Avengers period where Yellowjacket is charged with being an idiot. I filled in a bit of those. The She-Hulk era and some Wasp as leader time is the rest. I had some nice Iron Man finds. Before the Sale I found the 4-part series for Ice Man from way back. Then during the Sale I found the four issues of the Firestar origin series.

There was a really cool Obama related story from Devil's Due that really highlighted a planetary invasion comic they have. It is called Drafted. I have almost completed Dazzler and Spider-Woman's old series. So I took advantage of the sale to begin another Marvel Woman's book hunt. The Savage She-Hulk is now on the flea market buying list.

One really cool thing about my shop is that you can find entire runs of things. I like that when longbox diving. it is cool to get the whole story sometimes, especially these older series. I did mention that once I found the run of Empire. It is nice to be able to get older books for a lower cost. I also snagged a Battle for the Cowl book, the Man-Bat story, for the low price of 20 cents. That is also cool. My shop will mix in the recent books as well in these discount boxes.

Hopefully I can get some stuff posted. I really need to talk about Batgirl.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blackest Night

I really am liking Blackest Night. I wondered when word leaked about Guy Gardner and the Red Lantern angle what could do that and who could be dying? I saw it in Green Lantern Corps. It was fitting and I hope not a permanent death. I still say the white light will be the way it all ends. What is neat is how creative they are being with this story.

Everyone was making zombie comparisons and yet we now know it is more a puppet master thing going on. The recent ring give a ways have been trickery into selling lower tier titles, yet have had useful tidbits in them. Still, it was such a Marvel thing of DC to do. I will say that the return of Ted Kord in Booster Gold was really good. It helped that the new Blue Beetle is there as well.

Really just felt a need to check in. Don't forget good reads like Echo, Buffy TVS, Witchblade, and Batgirl while Blackest Night rolls onward and upward.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Have you been reading Power Girl? I must say that this is a comic book I could gave a tween and not be worried about. It is like classic comics, smart, funny, and not dumbed downed. The set up has been a slow boil with many over the top battles along the way. One amazing feat being PG slowly down a falling Manhattan Island while her sidekick Terra made a cushion of earth to catch the land mass.

Terra is the added plus. She is being mentored I guess by Karen Starr. The dynamic between the two women is very well written and fun as well. I like this being part of the book. I also like that it is a title you actually read. Text is very included in the pages. It makes me hopeful that maybe we can get more of this type, if all of you will read it.

In the coming months I know Dr. Mid-Nite will be along and I figure more of the JSA as well. I would love to see a Babara Gordon appearance from the Power Girl side. I have seen PG come into the Birds of Prey and to see Oracle from her side would be a nice story.

If you haven't checked the book out please do. It is a nice and fun read that has become one of my bottom of the stack. Yeah, I do it in reverse. I do read some first because of the "I can't wait" factor, but a few are at the bottom. These are the books I want to savor. Power Girl is in the Savor Stack.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blackest Night Rocks!

OK, so I am having trouble being regular with the post. I have been getting my Blackest Night fix in major clumping doses. One advantage of not being able to get to the shop every two weeks (maybe the only advantage) is I get to read consecutive parts of the story. It seems I was on to something with the whole White Lantern idea, "Hal's Final Ring," just maybe not as it will in, but pretty close so far.

Looks like miss Dove is at Peace and Peace gives off a white color for the emotion. She also fried the Black Lanterns around her and deactivated the rings. So Cool!

Many are feeling the economic pinch, this event is at the very least delivering your monies worth. I am worried about what I heard concerning Guy becoming a Red Lantern. I do so like the Indigo Tribe. They rock so far. I like that they seem to have been hidden just for this occasion. I also loved the scene where Larfleeze is being chased by the Black Lanterns he killed to make his construct Corps from. That was so funny.

I am trying to figure out a schedule and a way to post more. I just need so passion to write about things again.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Avengers find

I was able to get a run that has issues #202 through #213. It is awesome to get these older stories. When they start a married Vision & Scarlet Witch are on the team, and I love Wanda so this is very cool. Wonderman and Beast have many great scenes and even a single adventure story in this run. We see Thor as Donald Blake and it has Cap and Iron Man. Tigra joins by the end of this run of books and I like seeing her early years.

The highlight is the instance where Hank hits Jan and the paranoia he has leading up to his leaving the team as his Yellow Jacket persona. There is also the way the Wasp is the little flight woman that still is shown as an important part of the team. I hope to do an issue by issue talk on each. I will probably go back and do issue #201 as well since it has been purchased in the past year.


Thursday, October 1, 2009


Am I through trying to do something online with comics? Not sure. I get my comics in these bulk collections when I can from the shop so I cannot stay current. Doing back issues seems less then fabulous. So I wonder if I can do this and if it is fair to not post regularly. I will see in the coming days.

I am loving the Blackest Night event from DC. I like reading Echo. Recently I got a nice back issue collection of AVENGERS and DAZZLER comics, so that is how I am reading Marvel right now.

I walked away from all new Marvel comics around the start of Brand New Day. Surprisingly I am finding I do not miss the company I grew up on. It is something how I went from years ago reading nothing but Marvel to not reading any new books from them at all.

On the positive front, job is good and I am healthier. Just need more cash coming in, but so far I am struggling along. Sorry it has been so long.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sorry Life has kept me busy

I want to just let everyone know I am still around. My new job has been keeping me busy. Cash flow has made comic purchases spread out. I have some back issue stuff I want to do, but it may take a bit. Hopefully, I will be able to do some new post real soon.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wonky Batgirl and Indigo Lanterns Thoughts

I found this and just thought it was so cute. Click for the Blog where Wonky Batgirl can be found.

OK, I was reading a second go around of the Blackest Night stuff and in Tales of the Corps #1 we get a bit of the Indigo Tribe of Lanterns. Now I am talking about it so you can stop reading if you need to and come back later. So stop already. Why are you still reading? Still here, OK so I have an idea about how the actions can be Compassion.

We see the nomadic tribe of Lanterns walking along and noticing the colors of green and yellow on the horizon. A Green Lantern Corps member and a Sinestro Corps member are locked in battle and the GL has been hurt bad. As he warns them, they babble in an unknown language that even the GL Ring cannot translate. We watch as the supposed leader places her hand upon the GL's chest and Green Energy suffocates him. When he dies, she loses control of Green Energy. We hear I guess the Indigo Staff say Will before it is usurped.

Sinestro dude quickly realizes he needs to battle so he fires a bolt at the Indigo leader and her staff sucks the energy up. We hear the word Fear and suddenly the Lantern is battling a large Yellow Energy creature and it seems he flies away.

How does the actions deal with Compassion? First we must remember that this is on the extreme of the spectrum. Second, to have Compassion one must empathize with another. So the power appears to be to take the power of the closest energy and use it. Taking an idea of empathetic harmony makes sense to me. No clue on weakness. Killing the Green Lantern could be an act of mercy, or they believe in bringing peace through eradication. Would they have killed the Sinestro Corpsman? These are very interesting Lanterns.


Monday, July 20, 2009


yeah, been MIA a bit. Reading novels, readings comics. Blackest Night blew my mind. Those last pages, WOW! OK, I know I need to get back in the swing. On a positive note, it is nice working somewhere they actually are glad you are there. That has been nice. I have been working some and I really need to manage my time better.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Ramble Ramble Ramble

It is probably best I am not reviewing right now. I could attempt it here on my Blog, but really I am so busy and undisciplined right now. That is a bad combination. I have scattered some more HeroesCon 09 pics throughout the post to help you deal with my rambling. I am not distancing myself from comics, but I am trying to balance my hobby.

For many years now my comics have helped me survive. From the reviewing giving my mind something to focus on instead of the loss of a loved one to just escaping into a world where evil is always beaten. I have completed runs of old books and found the love of new stories. Each has given me hope as I dealt with such personal issues.

There comes a time I guess where one leaves a certain company behind and that happened for me. I no longer buy current Marvel stories. I became tired of the lack of respect for the characters and I just found the remarks by the current leaders of the publishing side exasperating. I collect the older books like the head Q suggested. I am rediscovering DC as a company. I once again have my love of the Green Lantern side of the company firmly in check. Other characters have brought me a continued level of joy as well.

My guilty pleasure is still Witchblade. I love that it has a depth and characterization to it now. The art is just mind blowing and it truly is a book that delivers on the action. I never thought I could care about Dani like I do Sara, but I do. I am worried for my favorite gals as the War of the Witchblades continue.

Another character I just do not seem to be able to walk away from is Wonder Woman. I took the book off the pull list when money became tight, but I still bought the book. It paid off when she put that axe in the fat head of Ares. I wonder where the story is going to go from the Issue #33's ending.

So that is where I am right now. I have so many old books I might just review them if I can get a schedule in my life and be better with posting.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

HeroesCon: Ladies Turn

Three awesome costumes. The ladies were well represented this year with the cool and excellent costumes. The Question was particularly striking and really well timed.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

HeroesCon Stuff

Iron Man with two cute kids.

The little girl was so cute.
The big secret is this is a middle aged man in a very hot outfit, but he was a hit with the kids in a sweet homemade contest.

Batman, Bane, and Huntress.

Superman and a really authentic looking Lex Luthor.

These are just a taste of some of the pics I took this year. I have more to come over the next few days.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

DAY TWO: HeroesCon

Very tired. Lots of Fifty Cent comics. A sweet MJ print. This adorable little Nova. He was there yesterday, but today I got his pic. Awesome kid. More later, I did finish the run of THE THING, first go around.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Day One: HeroesCon 2009

I went to HeroesCon today in Charlotte. Will return tomorrow as well. The Convention was in a different area of the Charlotte Convention Center this year and that was just the start of a weird vibe this year. The other came at the DC Universe Panel. I left after just about ten minutes. I really think not having Dan Didio there was what hurt. He is animated and Satler was not. I was bored and headed back to the floor. I think knowing I could not buy things like I wanted was another thing that hurt my enjoyment.
Had my friend not accompanied me I would have been so bummed. It helped a great deal this year having him around to joke about things. Kelly Yates was awesome to talk to while we wandered. He had some cool Dr. Who cards and other artwork that just rocked. There were some slutty Batgirls floating around. One young boy was dressed as the classic Nova. Saw a few cool kids dressed up. One African-American Captain America that I was unable to nail down for a pic, I hope he is there tomorrow.
I got a Fozzie Bear Head Sketch. The BOOM Studios company had some nice HeroesCon exclusive Covers. There was really not any true deals this year. Prices were stable and the same across the board. Artist have some deals, but not many. I did spy a really cool MJ print I think I will buy tomorrow.
Was just different. I figure I will try some panels again. The Yu Gi Oh regional tournament will be there tomorrow as well. I have always wanted to see the game as it should be played. I did snag some fifty cent books. I also was able to get some signatures. Mark Waid was really nice to talk with along with Renae DeLiz and Ray Dillon. Well, I need rest and some energy restored. Will post about tomorrow when it comes.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Straight from the DC Blog comes a suggested list of the Earth Representatives in the Black Lantern Corps. Freaky. A question, if Batman is displaced in time and not really dead, then how can he be a Black Lantern? Could this be how Red Robin figures it out? OK, that is two questions. The Convention hits soon. I will try my best to post pics from the days I go the night after. Low budget this year, still, hoping to find some cool stuff in my smaller price ranges.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Aren't they just too cute?

I really do not have a post. Found this somewhere online, forgot where, but I think it is kind of cute. I went to the shop before the Convention. Peddling stuff tomorrow to get just a bit more money for the Convention. So enjoy the happy couple above.


Monday, June 8, 2009

I am kind of excited about this.......

I love my super heroines. I think that this is one of the most gorgeous images I have seen around in a while. The simplicity is what makes it work so well. Yes I realize Rich beat me to showing this from the DC Blog, but I am still excited about a new Batgirl, and yes I believe it will be a new Batgirl. I am looking for either Stephanie Brown or as a Dark Horse Misfit. Why ditch the Birds of Prey and have Misfit in the Battle of the Cowl books, if she was being thrown away. This bring Babs back to strong mentor status and gives us an interesting Batgirl.


Friday, June 5, 2009

It is a post.......

You should be reading ECHO. They have trades out. You should read. That is all.


Monday, June 1, 2009

I need to post more, Really I do.

I know, since I was forced from being a reviewer, I have been a slacker. I really just have not felt the desire right now. To me the industry is fast out pricing itself. I also have read five novels in the month of May. I do recommend the Novels that Greg Rucka wrote for his character of Tara Chace. One is called A GENTLEMAN'S GAME and the sequel is PRIVATE WARS. Both are really good reads. They also helped me to find the first QUEEN & COUNTRY graphic novel. I hope to get some more at the Convention.

Yes, I get to go to HeroesCon. I have employment and I sold some stuff little by little and built a bit of savings and I used some gifted money. I get to go. That is where I snagged the image here, it was on the Blog about the Con. I hope to just find some cool buys and to get a Vampi Kat sketch by Jeanty.

I do want to figure some stuff to jabber about more. Maybe if I can buy comics on a more regular basis I will be inspired to review some books. I really need to sort through some more books before the Con as well.

OK, time to do some more catching up online.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Did you Dislike (HATE) Brand New Day?

Then you should click on the magic word,



Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life has been busy

So life has become very busy. I am trying to secure an new bit of employment while peddling some wares out in the world. I get to the shop with longer periods in between times. Trying to raise the funds to go to HeroesCon and have a good time. Been buying many novels that I need to read. Did pick up a Greg Rucka novel at a book sale. So yeah, I have been a bit slack around here. My haunting more sporadic. I hope to get a groove going really soon.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Go and Vote For......


I have been owing Rich a shout out for a few weeks. He needs your support so go check this out people!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rescued: Avengers #159

Many of you are new to the Ghost and my ways. I know a few of you are followers from way back to an older blog and even my comic reviews. I sadly had to let the old site fold in and hide because of a person who was commenting and not being truthful as to who they were and what they were doing hanging around. The were in my real life and caused trouble for me constantly. Anyway. One of the things I loved was rescuing old comicbooks from flea market and yard sale vendors that had little respect for what was in their care. I recently was able to rescue Avengers #159. It has Graviton and a slew of my favorite Avengers.

Oh, and in case you forget it, Graviton reminds you over and over that he is Master of Gravity, one of the fundamentals forces. The majority of Avengers, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Vison, Captain America, and the Beast have fallen. Back at the Mansion the Black Panther arrives and heads to save them, Thor bumps into him and we have a party. Poor Jarvis wishes he could help.

In the end, Jarvis does save the day after deciding to follow along. This is just good old fashion Avengers adventure at its finest. The comic has changed a great deal, and I currently do not read any Marvel, so that should tell you what I think of the company right now. I still love the characters. They are some of the best in the industry, even if they are mistreated and abused at present.


Sunday, April 5, 2009


This is just an awesome image. Really cool and has a great grouping of Green Lanterns. Enjoy!


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oracle: The Cure, Thoughts

I did manage to collect enough pennies and purchase some books. I received my first issue of ORACLE: THE CURE. I am really missing Birds of Prey (BoP). I realize it had lost many steps after the wonderful Gail Simone left to write the Amazonian Princess. I had hoped Tony Bedard would get the job long term, but the end was already in the works I suspect. So how was the first issue of Oracle?

I remember why I like Barbara Gordon. Beside being a beautiful red head, she is a character that was dealt an awful blow, yet in the hands of Chuck Dixon became the awesome coordinator of Agents to deal justice in the DCU. She is both intelligent and she can handle herself in a fight. All while being limited in certain mobility because of the injury from the Joker that took away the use of her legs.

While checking on Blogs I like, the Nerdy Bird
(Another lovely Red Head by the way), wrote an outstanding post about Barbara Gordon and the possibility of her being cured. It also was a nice write up on just what Barbara means to many as a character. I can not do that issue justice, so I send you here for her excellent words; Has Boobs Reads Comics.

She did make me pause to think about why I like this character. Sometimes I don't like her. When she becomes Batman with breasts I dislike her. Too many writers want her to become a female version of the obsessive patriarch of the Bat Family. Sometimes it might be interesting, but when she is best I think is when she is thinking of alternative methods and ways to stop the baddies. The chair became an obstacle that she had surpassed. When she is written as doing that on a worldwide level it rocks.

So should she be cured? Should she become Batgirl
again? Not really. One factor is that she has outgrown the Batgirl identity. Oracle is well above the young woman that began those many years ago. The walking again is iffy to me. It might be interesting, but what would be gained? More than likely the Calculator's daughter Wendy will be cured. Like the Brianiac virus back when the Huntress had first joined the BoP, it is a Red Herring to stir the fans into frenzy. Take note, at least two Bloggers have written that you know for sure if you are reading this post. I would rather see a new Birds of Prey type book, or bring Oracle back with Misfit and run with the Black Alice sibling story.

Whatever happens, I will probably be following. I like her as a character. I do miss the dynamic between her and Dinah though.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Hal's Final Ring

When reading Green Lantern Spotlight I saw the poll that was listed asking what the color of Hal's next ring would be? The color of White, which is really not a color if I remember my Home EC Class correctly. It made me take pause. When the Darkest Night descends and since we have the Roy G. Biv color theme, it would seem that White might be of importance.

I seem to remember that in the Light Spectrum and all that gobbledygook of colors that White negates Black. How will the Black Lanterns be defeated? I am beginning to think by one man empowered by one White Ring. That his White Light will wash away the darkness. It has a poetic sense to it.

I am probably just over thinking. It would be an awesome visual though. Hal in a White themed uniform and with the purest of the lights in the night sky. I can see it right now. I am looking forward to this newest stage to the Green Lantern Saga.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Be Back Soon!

The evil sinus illness had me walloped and disassembled. I am on the mend and just dry coughing. I have seen two Movies, one being that small film called WATCHMAN and the AWESOME animated film of WONDER WOMAN. I hope to write my thoughts of both soon, but it is CHUCK night on TV and if I can gain control of the TV maybe even be able to check out Castle on ABC.

I also made it to the Comic Book Shop and have some Buffy love to give. I am in a rather mellow mood and have discovered Hulu has many of my favorite old and new shows on it so I spend some time watching Hulu and just geeking out on Sci-Fi and Drama goodness. Keep watching this space. I will be up and running again soon.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A bit better, but still feel bad

I am hoping to be able to do some Blogging soon. I also hope to get to the shop soon as well. I think the WATCHMEN movie will be really good. I wonder if I should reread the Trade before the 6th of March? What do you all think?


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Delayed by Personal Kryptonie

I am dealing with some personal health issues of the moment. Nothing serious, just aggravating and bad feeling. I am glad some of you like the look at Nightwatch. Did you know Black Cat had a connection to that story? It is indirect, but something that was being built that never got used by Marvel. It all revolved around the same pharmaceutical company that Nightwatch was tied to in his story. Read that Limited series last night. I will try and do a look at it next.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Nightwatch: a 12 issue series overlook

Who is Nightwatch? That is a question many current comic book collectors of a younger age ask when they run across the obscure Marvel character in back issue bins, that is if they even see an issue in back issue bins. Nightwatch is a series that ran for 12 issues and starred an African American character that came from the pages of WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #100. The origin of Nightwatch can be found there in part. The true origin is shrouded in time travel and nannite technology.

The cover here is gold looking but in reality it is a foil cover background that has a silver hue to it. Yes, this book came out back in the days of laser prism holo-foil covers. It also was back when every non-mutant character tied to the X-Men had to have the required Spider-Man appearance and lecture from Spidey as to how to be a hero and that he would be watching. So Peter Parker is one of the hostages at the prison in the opening scenes. The prison will be returned to at a later date. One plus is that this book runs like a TV show in respects to story. It knows it is only running for twelve issues and it tells the story in a way that makes for an exciting read.

Kevin Trench is Nightwatch. He is a man who died as he received his costume and powers. He said goodbye to the love of his life and then is attacked by invisible assailants after a strange energy mass appears before him. He is being battered as another energy mass appears and the Nightwatch costume appears being worn by a man who saves Kevin Trench. That man behind the mask who is fatally wounded is none other than, Kevin Trench. Kevin Trench watches himself die. So right from the start our hero is under a ticking clock to his own death.

It all revolves around the costume. Let us get the obvious out of the way, yes, it resembles SPAWN. Whether by design or accident I do not know. What is clear is that the suit is an advanced nannite construct that uses the body’s adrenaline to enhance strength, speed and healing. The wearer is rendered tired after prolonged use. Kevin Trench spent years after the incident at the airport where he was attacked and watched the plane the love of his life was on explode. She got better, which is my joking way of saying that the layers of mysteries are legion in this title. The cape of the suit is adaptable as is the suit. It literally devours materials from the same research and nannites as it. This enhances the suit and as the series concludes we learn the full measure of the Nightwatch costume’s transformative capabilities.

Venom makes a short appearance and is another of the obligatory character appearances required during that time. Of more interest is the guest appearance of Cardiac. He is an anti-hero from the pages of Spider-Man that focuses on destroying those that deal in corrupt medical dealings. He is another educated African American character from that time period. His beta powered body is connected to the Nightwatch research and he is Kevin Trench’s old roommate. I liked that he was in the mix. He was a character I liked a great deal when he would cross paths with Spider-Man.

In the end we get a fast paced ride that will introduce the final evolution of the Nightwatch suit, Warbringer. The answer as to who that is comes in the final issues and plays a key part in the plot. The story has corporate and governmental cabals all wanting there agendas met. There is a Satellite that is on a collision course with Manhattan. The series has a Time Bomb. It just is a neat story of one man’s curse at gaining incredible abilities and the responsibility he takes upon himself.

Some would say this was a weak series. I would say to each their own. I like the character. I like this series. Maybe it is something you can hunt for and have fun in seeking a long lost title. Let me know if this is something you would like more of and I will dig back into my odd collection. I always love comments.