Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Geek Gets 10/01/08

A very light week for new Gets this week as only three things I am collecting came out. In honor of one of these Gets we will have a Blue text throughout. I did find some interesting things in the $1 boxes. But they will come later. Yes, I still have that old Marvel post to put up that also came from the $1 boxes as well.

On to the discussion of what I did get today. The first I will discuss will be Justice League of America #25. It is a double sized issue that comes in at $3.99. I have read some hesitation and dissatisfaction with this title, but I like it and really think we are seeing a turn with this very issue. It has finally wrapped up the tedious stuff that was placed here from One Year Later. Vixen is a character I first came to know in Birds of Prey. Otherwise she is very new to me. Here we see her take a central role and matching wits with the African version of the Trickster god, Anansi.

The funniest thing about the issue might go over the heads of many casual comic book readers. Anasi keeps telling Vixen that this is his story, that he owns all the stories. Now one might take this as just a bit of plot development and foreshadowing. What was funny was Anasi lecturing Vixen about not letting a story develop. The way other heroes are taken out simply by Anasi changing the story was unusual and intriguing. Seeing Red Arrow shoot Black Canary in the back and her death cry shatter his eardrums was shocking. Are they dead? Probably not, Anasi said that they might come back if he decides to tell the story to have them do so.

Really think that if McDuffie is kept on the title and allowed to write his tales we might see even better from the book. I think he has taken full ownership and cleaned the deck in a respectful way as to what came before. Will enjoy the price dropping back to regular cost next month though.

Next we have what was the best payoff I have read in a good while. My cover is not the same as the one I found at the DC website. (Need to either get my scanner working or a new one.) Blue Beetle End Game is the fourth collection of the current Blue Beetle title. It collects Blue Beetle Issues #20 - 26. Issue #20 is the Sinestro Corps War crossover and #26 is the all Spanish issue. What come in the middle is the big payoff. We see a hero take control and understand that Jamie has been studying the two men that came before and had learned from them. His battle with the Reach comes to a violent conclusion.

Blue Beetle I find is best read as a Trade. I collected the first story arc in monthly fashion. Then I got the next part in Trade format. I liked reading the complete tale all at once. It works better this way for me. Here we watched all the supporting characters play a part in the final confrontation. We also see the connections Jamie has made in the super hero community come to his aid. Guy Gardner has an awesome scene with Jamie's little sis. Traci 13 is back numerous times. Paco and Brenda have an encounter involving lips. Just an awesome bringing together of all the story points.

The last thing I got was Witchblade #121. I am here for the awesome story, but each month the art is just a feast for the eyes. This is where I get my grown up stories. Give me heroics in my classic character universes. I will have my supernatural crime drama here. What also is neat is how the history of the creature known as a Golem is laid out at the end of the book. No, I do not feel that is a spoiler. If a cop gets called to a Jewish neighborhood in a supernatural book, Golem is gonna cross your mind. Well worth the price of admission and a book I am still liking because of the way Ron Marz is telling the story.

Well, I guess that is it for now. Better get to haunting the castle.

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