Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wonky Batgirl and Indigo Lanterns Thoughts

I found this and just thought it was so cute. Click for the Blog where Wonky Batgirl can be found.

OK, I was reading a second go around of the Blackest Night stuff and in Tales of the Corps #1 we get a bit of the Indigo Tribe of Lanterns. Now I am talking about it so you can stop reading if you need to and come back later. So stop already. Why are you still reading? Still here, OK so I have an idea about how the actions can be Compassion.

We see the nomadic tribe of Lanterns walking along and noticing the colors of green and yellow on the horizon. A Green Lantern Corps member and a Sinestro Corps member are locked in battle and the GL has been hurt bad. As he warns them, they babble in an unknown language that even the GL Ring cannot translate. We watch as the supposed leader places her hand upon the GL's chest and Green Energy suffocates him. When he dies, she loses control of Green Energy. We hear I guess the Indigo Staff say Will before it is usurped.

Sinestro dude quickly realizes he needs to battle so he fires a bolt at the Indigo leader and her staff sucks the energy up. We hear the word Fear and suddenly the Lantern is battling a large Yellow Energy creature and it seems he flies away.

How does the actions deal with Compassion? First we must remember that this is on the extreme of the spectrum. Second, to have Compassion one must empathize with another. So the power appears to be to take the power of the closest energy and use it. Taking an idea of empathetic harmony makes sense to me. No clue on weakness. Killing the Green Lantern could be an act of mercy, or they believe in bringing peace through eradication. Would they have killed the Sinestro Corpsman? These are very interesting Lanterns.


Monday, July 20, 2009


yeah, been MIA a bit. Reading novels, readings comics. Blackest Night blew my mind. Those last pages, WOW! OK, I know I need to get back in the swing. On a positive note, it is nice working somewhere they actually are glad you are there. That has been nice. I have been working some and I really need to manage my time better.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Ramble Ramble Ramble

It is probably best I am not reviewing right now. I could attempt it here on my Blog, but really I am so busy and undisciplined right now. That is a bad combination. I have scattered some more HeroesCon 09 pics throughout the post to help you deal with my rambling. I am not distancing myself from comics, but I am trying to balance my hobby.

For many years now my comics have helped me survive. From the reviewing giving my mind something to focus on instead of the loss of a loved one to just escaping into a world where evil is always beaten. I have completed runs of old books and found the love of new stories. Each has given me hope as I dealt with such personal issues.

There comes a time I guess where one leaves a certain company behind and that happened for me. I no longer buy current Marvel stories. I became tired of the lack of respect for the characters and I just found the remarks by the current leaders of the publishing side exasperating. I collect the older books like the head Q suggested. I am rediscovering DC as a company. I once again have my love of the Green Lantern side of the company firmly in check. Other characters have brought me a continued level of joy as well.

My guilty pleasure is still Witchblade. I love that it has a depth and characterization to it now. The art is just mind blowing and it truly is a book that delivers on the action. I never thought I could care about Dani like I do Sara, but I do. I am worried for my favorite gals as the War of the Witchblades continue.

Another character I just do not seem to be able to walk away from is Wonder Woman. I took the book off the pull list when money became tight, but I still bought the book. It paid off when she put that axe in the fat head of Ares. I wonder where the story is going to go from the Issue #33's ending.

So that is where I am right now. I have so many old books I might just review them if I can get a schedule in my life and be better with posting.