Friday, December 11, 2009

Been Busy.....but always time for comics.

I know, I am really being like a ghost. Things have been up and down in my life. Lots of work stuff and other stuff. Still I have found a grouping of Avengers stories. My shop has been having a Monday sale each week since the Monday after Thanksgiving. I went that first Monday and then found 90 comics. The price was 10 for $1.00. So I have been busy reading.

The earlier purchases revolved around the Avengers period where Yellowjacket is charged with being an idiot. I filled in a bit of those. The She-Hulk era and some Wasp as leader time is the rest. I had some nice Iron Man finds. Before the Sale I found the 4-part series for Ice Man from way back. Then during the Sale I found the four issues of the Firestar origin series.

There was a really cool Obama related story from Devil's Due that really highlighted a planetary invasion comic they have. It is called Drafted. I have almost completed Dazzler and Spider-Woman's old series. So I took advantage of the sale to begin another Marvel Woman's book hunt. The Savage She-Hulk is now on the flea market buying list.

One really cool thing about my shop is that you can find entire runs of things. I like that when longbox diving. it is cool to get the whole story sometimes, especially these older series. I did mention that once I found the run of Empire. It is nice to be able to get older books for a lower cost. I also snagged a Battle for the Cowl book, the Man-Bat story, for the low price of 20 cents. That is also cool. My shop will mix in the recent books as well in these discount boxes.

Hopefully I can get some stuff posted. I really need to talk about Batgirl.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blackest Night

I really am liking Blackest Night. I wondered when word leaked about Guy Gardner and the Red Lantern angle what could do that and who could be dying? I saw it in Green Lantern Corps. It was fitting and I hope not a permanent death. I still say the white light will be the way it all ends. What is neat is how creative they are being with this story.

Everyone was making zombie comparisons and yet we now know it is more a puppet master thing going on. The recent ring give a ways have been trickery into selling lower tier titles, yet have had useful tidbits in them. Still, it was such a Marvel thing of DC to do. I will say that the return of Ted Kord in Booster Gold was really good. It helped that the new Blue Beetle is there as well.

Really just felt a need to check in. Don't forget good reads like Echo, Buffy TVS, Witchblade, and Batgirl while Blackest Night rolls onward and upward.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Have you been reading Power Girl? I must say that this is a comic book I could gave a tween and not be worried about. It is like classic comics, smart, funny, and not dumbed downed. The set up has been a slow boil with many over the top battles along the way. One amazing feat being PG slowly down a falling Manhattan Island while her sidekick Terra made a cushion of earth to catch the land mass.

Terra is the added plus. She is being mentored I guess by Karen Starr. The dynamic between the two women is very well written and fun as well. I like this being part of the book. I also like that it is a title you actually read. Text is very included in the pages. It makes me hopeful that maybe we can get more of this type, if all of you will read it.

In the coming months I know Dr. Mid-Nite will be along and I figure more of the JSA as well. I would love to see a Babara Gordon appearance from the Power Girl side. I have seen PG come into the Birds of Prey and to see Oracle from her side would be a nice story.

If you haven't checked the book out please do. It is a nice and fun read that has become one of my bottom of the stack. Yeah, I do it in reverse. I do read some first because of the "I can't wait" factor, but a few are at the bottom. These are the books I want to savor. Power Girl is in the Savor Stack.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blackest Night Rocks!

OK, so I am having trouble being regular with the post. I have been getting my Blackest Night fix in major clumping doses. One advantage of not being able to get to the shop every two weeks (maybe the only advantage) is I get to read consecutive parts of the story. It seems I was on to something with the whole White Lantern idea, "Hal's Final Ring," just maybe not as it will in, but pretty close so far.

Looks like miss Dove is at Peace and Peace gives off a white color for the emotion. She also fried the Black Lanterns around her and deactivated the rings. So Cool!

Many are feeling the economic pinch, this event is at the very least delivering your monies worth. I am worried about what I heard concerning Guy becoming a Red Lantern. I do so like the Indigo Tribe. They rock so far. I like that they seem to have been hidden just for this occasion. I also loved the scene where Larfleeze is being chased by the Black Lanterns he killed to make his construct Corps from. That was so funny.

I am trying to figure out a schedule and a way to post more. I just need so passion to write about things again.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Avengers find

I was able to get a run that has issues #202 through #213. It is awesome to get these older stories. When they start a married Vision & Scarlet Witch are on the team, and I love Wanda so this is very cool. Wonderman and Beast have many great scenes and even a single adventure story in this run. We see Thor as Donald Blake and it has Cap and Iron Man. Tigra joins by the end of this run of books and I like seeing her early years.

The highlight is the instance where Hank hits Jan and the paranoia he has leading up to his leaving the team as his Yellow Jacket persona. There is also the way the Wasp is the little flight woman that still is shown as an important part of the team. I hope to do an issue by issue talk on each. I will probably go back and do issue #201 as well since it has been purchased in the past year.


Thursday, October 1, 2009


Am I through trying to do something online with comics? Not sure. I get my comics in these bulk collections when I can from the shop so I cannot stay current. Doing back issues seems less then fabulous. So I wonder if I can do this and if it is fair to not post regularly. I will see in the coming days.

I am loving the Blackest Night event from DC. I like reading Echo. Recently I got a nice back issue collection of AVENGERS and DAZZLER comics, so that is how I am reading Marvel right now.

I walked away from all new Marvel comics around the start of Brand New Day. Surprisingly I am finding I do not miss the company I grew up on. It is something how I went from years ago reading nothing but Marvel to not reading any new books from them at all.

On the positive front, job is good and I am healthier. Just need more cash coming in, but so far I am struggling along. Sorry it has been so long.