Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Have you been reading Power Girl? I must say that this is a comic book I could gave a tween and not be worried about. It is like classic comics, smart, funny, and not dumbed downed. The set up has been a slow boil with many over the top battles along the way. One amazing feat being PG slowly down a falling Manhattan Island while her sidekick Terra made a cushion of earth to catch the land mass.

Terra is the added plus. She is being mentored I guess by Karen Starr. The dynamic between the two women is very well written and fun as well. I like this being part of the book. I also like that it is a title you actually read. Text is very included in the pages. It makes me hopeful that maybe we can get more of this type, if all of you will read it.

In the coming months I know Dr. Mid-Nite will be along and I figure more of the JSA as well. I would love to see a Babara Gordon appearance from the Power Girl side. I have seen PG come into the Birds of Prey and to see Oracle from her side would be a nice story.

If you haven't checked the book out please do. It is a nice and fun read that has become one of my bottom of the stack. Yeah, I do it in reverse. I do read some first because of the "I can't wait" factor, but a few are at the bottom. These are the books I want to savor. Power Girl is in the Savor Stack.

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sonicman2006 said...


Might have to look at this.

I'll be honest, I've just never been a big PG fan. Thats the main reason I didnt pick this up.