Friday, January 30, 2009

A Really Neat Comparing of the Greek Gods in terms of our current day Geek Gods

So have you ever wondered who the Geek Gods are? Well wonder no more and check out this interesting Blog Post.



Monday, January 26, 2009

Fallen Angel Ends ?!?

So it has concluded, the story wraps up. Now before you are alarmed, it appears this is just the ending of the long form issue stories of Lilandra. There will be a new series of minis I would suppose from IDW. Still, I have mixed feelings right now. I remember as a comic book reviewer doing what I could to support and talk up what was a rare gem at DC Comics to begin with way back when. I had to move heaven and earth to get copies because stores just didn't carry it. I eventually ordered some early issues from so I could have the run in its entirety.

DC wussed out and I thought I would have seen the end to this compelling story of an Angel cast out from the Heavens because she dared exercise free will. I was so happy when The IDW stories started and we got the origin of how Lee was cast out and why she was the way she was in the tales. It became an even more mature read as the constraints fell away and I accepted the cussing because it fit the genre. I have thoroughly enjoyed the story of the Fallen Angel.

I can't help but be relieved a bit that it ends. Honestly it was a book I was wondering how I could afford. Now I at least can be at peace not buying it and have a complete story for how Lee's life turned out. The next arc will begin and be a new status for her. So I am at peace with this ending. I will write more about this series later.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Its A New Day!

I stated to family in 2004 upon listening to President Obama speak at the Democratic National Convention that he would be our first African American President. I am so proud to be a citizen of America today after feeling so ashamed of those who have been in power. I hope the rule of law will return and our Constitution once again be the guiding force of my Country. May the Creator protect President Obama and help him bring mercy and compassion to the world.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Reading: "The Stepsister Scheme"

The Stepsister Scheme

By Jim C. Hines

I saw this book via a new follower, whom I think came here via Brainfreeze's Blog, and I went via that person's Blog and found another Blog which had this book's cover on it. How is that for an awesome run on sentence? This is a wonderful book. I started reading on Monday Night and finished it Wednesday Night, and I was just casually reading. I guess to imply that I devoured it because it was good, but I didn't totally give up sleep like I have been known to do.

The book is what occurred after the phrase "Happily Ever After....." in the old Fairy Tales. The real stories behind the oft told stories are more along the lines of the Grimm Fairy Tales than the sanitized Disney version most of us grew up on. I also had a thought about "Women in Refrigerators" in regards to Sleeping Beauty once the whole story was implied. Still debating just whether that was a needed push beyond the already hard stuff she encountered because of the Fairy "blessings" and the hard edge she maintains.

Danielle is the main character. You know her as Cinderella. Her Stepsisters are up to no good and have made an alliance with another Fairy Tale evil that is pretty powerful. Oh, did I mention that they kidnap her Prince? Yep, she has to go and find her husband before the plan that is obscure for so long takes place. She has help. See Sleeping Beauty, Talia, is a real tough woman. The Grace blessing has allowed her to become a perfect fighter and weapons expert. She sees these skills as a dance so she is able to kick much behind as she aids the Prince's mother Queen Beatrice. Her back story is the most tragic.

Snow White is the other help Danielle has as she begins her quest. I really love Snow. Slutty is the word that kinda fits, but it is an innocent slutty. This is really hard to explain. You really have to read the book to appreciate the humorous remarks that she says. In fact sometimes it is necessary to reread to get the full funny effect of her teasing. She says a great many things to get under Talia's skin. Her nature hides her strength of magic and wait until you hear the twist on the seven dwarves. This was very creative and unique.

I loved this book and will be eagerly looking for the next book involving the three Princesses that is to come out in October 2009. It will spin around the Little Mermaid Tale. A Fish Tale, sorry I just had to do it.


(I know this is not a comic, but it is part of my geekiness, so deal.)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Super Powers

A friend sent me this YouTube vid and I have learned how to make the embed look cool. I know the Comic Book Ghost is sometimes technologically challenged, so just bear with it, K? Anyhow, this short film has a funny setup of a couple trying to spice up their marriage and in the end they help out someone in need. Really funny and really cool. I hope you enjoy it.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lift Me Up


For some reason I traveled into the past last night. In my time of Internet life, I have been many things. I started as a simple emailer and then I skulked around Usenet. Email was the main thing for a bit. Being poor I had to get by on just dialing up once a day and if I wanted to get on the Internet I used a Library computer. Somewhere along the way I became a comic book reviewer and then a columnist. I had to email my reviews and stuff for a long while. Then I got a bit fed up and I was allowed to have access to upload my stuff once I was taught how. Low and behold after a bit I was being sent free comics and Black & White advance copies. It was nice and cool.

I then found Blogger and decided to take my hobby love into my own hands. I started doing my own comic book stuff and I was also talking about life. All the while I was toying with a Blog that would be devoted to just comics and one devoted to just stuff I created for my profession to share with others in my place to help as I was helped through Magazines. That is when I learned I lived in a life that was not for me I guess. For all my smarts I made stupid mistakes. One being the idea that we are all equal under the Creator of the Universe and that those who walk in Light live by the same codes of conduct. I never saw the ax fall into my back until I was bleeding out.

In terms we can understand here, some force beyond me decided to protect me and use me. I struggled and my very being was torn asunder. Every time I felt like I had beaten back the Darkness it came back harder and tried to swallow me. The force of Darkness was no match for the Protector's Light, but each attack weakened me. I began to sense the need to follow my Creator's whispers and retreat. I felt like I had lost something precious, but it also freed me somehow.

The trouble with freedom is that you have to stand alone and walk alone at times. In this wilderness the weakness that had become my life exploded. I am so glad my Creator never gave up or left me, even as I lost faith in the abilities that were gifts from them. People had been sent to me. They were not with me in a physical sense, yet the way they were beside me was enough to bind me to the solid ground while all other ground sank into Darkness. Even in my "defeat" by those that were constantly attacking, I was not left alone. I see that I was in the middle of a struggle between people. The focus of their personal agendas and hatred centered on me and I am assured that nothing less than my total destruction awaited me.

I know this sounds strange, but I understand now clearly why the ancient writers decided to cloak their words in term that seemed to be a code. I see how a young man was told by his mentor to be aware of the people the young man served. For while he poured himself out to ensure the Creator's Light shone upon them, there were those intent on controlling the Light for their own selfish reasons. It is in learning this I have lost my Faith, not in the Creator, but in myself and the compassion of Humanity.

Life is swirling around me now. I know mentally what I must do to break free and live, but I have no desire to do so. I am drowning some days. I drown in a sea of darkness and despair. My own inner spark works some days to keep me afloat. Some days it is the actions of others, Angels of a nature most unconventional that hold my form and keep me from sinking. Seeing my past brought great sadness, A sense of great loss.

I still have anger. I wish I did not. I know the Creator asks me not to hate them. It is so hard not to hate them. I feel betrayed. I feel stupid. I feel blindsided. I feel empty and alone. I told you when things get bleak I read Alpha Flight. I guess because up to almost the end of the run I feel like them. I feel tossed and then betrayed by those I never did anything to but try and serve. I relate to that story. I get the ideal of fighting to protect those that even while I stand in the gap are trying to kill me behind my back. Yet I stood there. What did I earn? I know the answer, in my heart. The thing is you can't buy medicine or food or even rent a DVD on that payment.

Do you realize that in the make up of Alpha Flight one can find the emotions of a person? There are all kinds of a person's aspect in each member and their personality make up. When those parts fuse together into a functioning team, no force ever defeated them. Every now and again they were bloodied and knocked down, but they dug down deep and they found that inner fire and the Light defeated the Darkness. I am digging........


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hmmmmm, So I guess I am the only Heather Fan?

So really this is just an excuse to place another image with Heather Hudson on it on the Blog. I really can say it shocked me a bit there was not even a slight nod about her in the comments. Maybe it is just I forgot what getting comments was like. I know a few of you know who the Ghost was before the death that occurred at that Blog because of people who would be fine additions to Omega Flight. Anyway. I finished reading the Second Volume today. I have a story trying to get out of my head. I just now need to buckle down and write. I think I can do this. Take the Flight and write my own adventures. I know these characters. New online friends say I can write when I write nice little stories for them. So I just need to take the plunge and not chat online. Yeah, you guessed correctly. If I write a new chapter for Alpha Flight I will have only one person in the role of team leader. Heather Hudson will be rightly returned to her position as the Matriarch of this dysfunctional team. Mac will have a new and highly placed job, and be on a team as well. Confused? If you read the second volume then you know how that can be possible. I figure using the Canadian super team frees me from Marvel continuity of late. I can even use some easy comicy gimmick to extricate the heroes to the South from the stupidity I see and use them as guest stars. So look for the start of this in 2009. I will create a sister Blog that is part of the Comic Book Ghost world. Happy New Year!