Monday, January 26, 2009

Fallen Angel Ends ?!?

So it has concluded, the story wraps up. Now before you are alarmed, it appears this is just the ending of the long form issue stories of Lilandra. There will be a new series of minis I would suppose from IDW. Still, I have mixed feelings right now. I remember as a comic book reviewer doing what I could to support and talk up what was a rare gem at DC Comics to begin with way back when. I had to move heaven and earth to get copies because stores just didn't carry it. I eventually ordered some early issues from so I could have the run in its entirety.

DC wussed out and I thought I would have seen the end to this compelling story of an Angel cast out from the Heavens because she dared exercise free will. I was so happy when The IDW stories started and we got the origin of how Lee was cast out and why she was the way she was in the tales. It became an even more mature read as the constraints fell away and I accepted the cussing because it fit the genre. I have thoroughly enjoyed the story of the Fallen Angel.

I can't help but be relieved a bit that it ends. Honestly it was a book I was wondering how I could afford. Now I at least can be at peace not buying it and have a complete story for how Lee's life turned out. The next arc will begin and be a new status for her. So I am at peace with this ending. I will write more about this series later.


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