Friday, January 9, 2009

Super Powers

A friend sent me this YouTube vid and I have learned how to make the embed look cool. I know the Comic Book Ghost is sometimes technologically challenged, so just bear with it, K? Anyhow, this short film has a funny setup of a couple trying to spice up their marriage and in the end they help out someone in need. Really funny and really cool. I hope you enjoy it.



SONICMAN2 said...

Bwaahahhaaaa Now THAT is funny!

"Hey...Im BATMAN!"

Ghost In The Shadows said...

Ain't it though. I thought at first, oh this will be such crap. Then it took the comedic turn and the ending just rocked.


Dakuro said...

jajajaja funny is a short word to describe this video, I almost piss my pants, specially with wonder women and batman dialogues, the only thing that miss in the video, is see batman buying Kamagra or something like that.