Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Reading: "The Stepsister Scheme"

The Stepsister Scheme

By Jim C. Hines

I saw this book via a new follower, whom I think came here via Brainfreeze's Blog, and I went via that person's Blog and found another Blog which had this book's cover on it. How is that for an awesome run on sentence? This is a wonderful book. I started reading on Monday Night and finished it Wednesday Night, and I was just casually reading. I guess to imply that I devoured it because it was good, but I didn't totally give up sleep like I have been known to do.

The book is what occurred after the phrase "Happily Ever After....." in the old Fairy Tales. The real stories behind the oft told stories are more along the lines of the Grimm Fairy Tales than the sanitized Disney version most of us grew up on. I also had a thought about "Women in Refrigerators" in regards to Sleeping Beauty once the whole story was implied. Still debating just whether that was a needed push beyond the already hard stuff she encountered because of the Fairy "blessings" and the hard edge she maintains.

Danielle is the main character. You know her as Cinderella. Her Stepsisters are up to no good and have made an alliance with another Fairy Tale evil that is pretty powerful. Oh, did I mention that they kidnap her Prince? Yep, she has to go and find her husband before the plan that is obscure for so long takes place. She has help. See Sleeping Beauty, Talia, is a real tough woman. The Grace blessing has allowed her to become a perfect fighter and weapons expert. She sees these skills as a dance so she is able to kick much behind as she aids the Prince's mother Queen Beatrice. Her back story is the most tragic.

Snow White is the other help Danielle has as she begins her quest. I really love Snow. Slutty is the word that kinda fits, but it is an innocent slutty. This is really hard to explain. You really have to read the book to appreciate the humorous remarks that she says. In fact sometimes it is necessary to reread to get the full funny effect of her teasing. She says a great many things to get under Talia's skin. Her nature hides her strength of magic and wait until you hear the twist on the seven dwarves. This was very creative and unique.

I loved this book and will be eagerly looking for the next book involving the three Princesses that is to come out in October 2009. It will spin around the Little Mermaid Tale. A Fish Tale, sorry I just had to do it.


(I know this is not a comic, but it is part of my geekiness, so deal.)

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SONICMAN2 said...

The story premise sounds pretty interesting CBG. I might have to check that out.