Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oracle: The Cure, Thoughts

I did manage to collect enough pennies and purchase some books. I received my first issue of ORACLE: THE CURE. I am really missing Birds of Prey (BoP). I realize it had lost many steps after the wonderful Gail Simone left to write the Amazonian Princess. I had hoped Tony Bedard would get the job long term, but the end was already in the works I suspect. So how was the first issue of Oracle?

I remember why I like Barbara Gordon. Beside being a beautiful red head, she is a character that was dealt an awful blow, yet in the hands of Chuck Dixon became the awesome coordinator of Agents to deal justice in the DCU. She is both intelligent and she can handle herself in a fight. All while being limited in certain mobility because of the injury from the Joker that took away the use of her legs.

While checking on Blogs I like, the Nerdy Bird
(Another lovely Red Head by the way), wrote an outstanding post about Barbara Gordon and the possibility of her being cured. It also was a nice write up on just what Barbara means to many as a character. I can not do that issue justice, so I send you here for her excellent words; Has Boobs Reads Comics.

She did make me pause to think about why I like this character. Sometimes I don't like her. When she becomes Batman with breasts I dislike her. Too many writers want her to become a female version of the obsessive patriarch of the Bat Family. Sometimes it might be interesting, but when she is best I think is when she is thinking of alternative methods and ways to stop the baddies. The chair became an obstacle that she had surpassed. When she is written as doing that on a worldwide level it rocks.

So should she be cured? Should she become Batgirl
again? Not really. One factor is that she has outgrown the Batgirl identity. Oracle is well above the young woman that began those many years ago. The walking again is iffy to me. It might be interesting, but what would be gained? More than likely the Calculator's daughter Wendy will be cured. Like the Brianiac virus back when the Huntress had first joined the BoP, it is a Red Herring to stir the fans into frenzy. Take note, at least two Bloggers have written that you know for sure if you are reading this post. I would rather see a new Birds of Prey type book, or bring Oracle back with Misfit and run with the Black Alice sibling story.

Whatever happens, I will probably be following. I like her as a character. I do miss the dynamic between her and Dinah though.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Hal's Final Ring

When reading Green Lantern Spotlight I saw the poll that was listed asking what the color of Hal's next ring would be? The color of White, which is really not a color if I remember my Home EC Class correctly. It made me take pause. When the Darkest Night descends and since we have the Roy G. Biv color theme, it would seem that White might be of importance.

I seem to remember that in the Light Spectrum and all that gobbledygook of colors that White negates Black. How will the Black Lanterns be defeated? I am beginning to think by one man empowered by one White Ring. That his White Light will wash away the darkness. It has a poetic sense to it.

I am probably just over thinking. It would be an awesome visual though. Hal in a White themed uniform and with the purest of the lights in the night sky. I can see it right now. I am looking forward to this newest stage to the Green Lantern Saga.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Be Back Soon!

The evil sinus illness had me walloped and disassembled. I am on the mend and just dry coughing. I have seen two Movies, one being that small film called WATCHMAN and the AWESOME animated film of WONDER WOMAN. I hope to write my thoughts of both soon, but it is CHUCK night on TV and if I can gain control of the TV maybe even be able to check out Castle on ABC.

I also made it to the Comic Book Shop and have some Buffy love to give. I am in a rather mellow mood and have discovered Hulu has many of my favorite old and new shows on it so I spend some time watching Hulu and just geeking out on Sci-Fi and Drama goodness. Keep watching this space. I will be up and running again soon.