Friday, December 11, 2009

Been Busy.....but always time for comics.

I know, I am really being like a ghost. Things have been up and down in my life. Lots of work stuff and other stuff. Still I have found a grouping of Avengers stories. My shop has been having a Monday sale each week since the Monday after Thanksgiving. I went that first Monday and then found 90 comics. The price was 10 for $1.00. So I have been busy reading.

The earlier purchases revolved around the Avengers period where Yellowjacket is charged with being an idiot. I filled in a bit of those. The She-Hulk era and some Wasp as leader time is the rest. I had some nice Iron Man finds. Before the Sale I found the 4-part series for Ice Man from way back. Then during the Sale I found the four issues of the Firestar origin series.

There was a really cool Obama related story from Devil's Due that really highlighted a planetary invasion comic they have. It is called Drafted. I have almost completed Dazzler and Spider-Woman's old series. So I took advantage of the sale to begin another Marvel Woman's book hunt. The Savage She-Hulk is now on the flea market buying list.

One really cool thing about my shop is that you can find entire runs of things. I like that when longbox diving. it is cool to get the whole story sometimes, especially these older series. I did mention that once I found the run of Empire. It is nice to be able to get older books for a lower cost. I also snagged a Battle for the Cowl book, the Man-Bat story, for the low price of 20 cents. That is also cool. My shop will mix in the recent books as well in these discount boxes.

Hopefully I can get some stuff posted. I really need to talk about Batgirl.