Monday, March 9, 2009

Be Back Soon!

The evil sinus illness had me walloped and disassembled. I am on the mend and just dry coughing. I have seen two Movies, one being that small film called WATCHMAN and the AWESOME animated film of WONDER WOMAN. I hope to write my thoughts of both soon, but it is CHUCK night on TV and if I can gain control of the TV maybe even be able to check out Castle on ABC.

I also made it to the Comic Book Shop and have some Buffy love to give. I am in a rather mellow mood and have discovered Hulu has many of my favorite old and new shows on it so I spend some time watching Hulu and just geeking out on Sci-Fi and Drama goodness. Keep watching this space. I will be up and running again soon.



SONICMAN2 said...

Cant wait till you get back up and runnin bro. I've been fighting off that Sinus Monster myself. Hasnt taken hold..yet!

Chris said...

Hulu rocks! Hope you get better soon, man!