Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hmmmmm, So I guess I am the only Heather Fan?

So really this is just an excuse to place another image with Heather Hudson on it on the Blog. I really can say it shocked me a bit there was not even a slight nod about her in the comments. Maybe it is just I forgot what getting comments was like. I know a few of you know who the Ghost was before the death that occurred at that Blog because of people who would be fine additions to Omega Flight. Anyway. I finished reading the Second Volume today. I have a story trying to get out of my head. I just now need to buckle down and write. I think I can do this. Take the Flight and write my own adventures. I know these characters. New online friends say I can write when I write nice little stories for them. So I just need to take the plunge and not chat online. Yeah, you guessed correctly. If I write a new chapter for Alpha Flight I will have only one person in the role of team leader. Heather Hudson will be rightly returned to her position as the Matriarch of this dysfunctional team. Mac will have a new and highly placed job, and be on a team as well. Confused? If you read the second volume then you know how that can be possible. I figure using the Canadian super team frees me from Marvel continuity of late. I can even use some easy comicy gimmick to extricate the heroes to the South from the stupidity I see and use them as guest stars. So look for the start of this in 2009. I will create a sister Blog that is part of the Comic Book Ghost world. Happy New Year!


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SONICMAN2 said...

Not putting Heather in the post doesnt mean I dont appreciate her CBG! LOL

I was just posting about the title as a whole. Actually Heather was 1 of the earlier strong female roles out therein the various titles in DC/Marvel. It was a weird thing to try and bring back MAc after so long. Dont know why they would need to except for shock value I think.

I like the cover of the issue you posted.