Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Avengers find

I was able to get a run that has issues #202 through #213. It is awesome to get these older stories. When they start a married Vision & Scarlet Witch are on the team, and I love Wanda so this is very cool. Wonderman and Beast have many great scenes and even a single adventure story in this run. We see Thor as Donald Blake and it has Cap and Iron Man. Tigra joins by the end of this run of books and I like seeing her early years.

The highlight is the instance where Hank hits Jan and the paranoia he has leading up to his leaving the team as his Yellow Jacket persona. There is also the way the Wasp is the little flight woman that still is shown as an important part of the team. I hope to do an issue by issue talk on each. I will probably go back and do issue #201 as well since it has been purchased in the past year.


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sonicman2006 said...

swwwwEET bro! Love these particulars issues. Love #201 where Jarvis is on the cover. 1 of the few he has taken center stage on. #161 was my 1st issue ever bought. Eventually went back and the entire run starting with #119(with a couple singles before that). It was my favorite along with Spiderman Team-up.