Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wonky Batgirl and Indigo Lanterns Thoughts

I found this and just thought it was so cute. Click for the Blog where Wonky Batgirl can be found.

OK, I was reading a second go around of the Blackest Night stuff and in Tales of the Corps #1 we get a bit of the Indigo Tribe of Lanterns. Now I am talking about it so you can stop reading if you need to and come back later. So stop already. Why are you still reading? Still here, OK so I have an idea about how the actions can be Compassion.

We see the nomadic tribe of Lanterns walking along and noticing the colors of green and yellow on the horizon. A Green Lantern Corps member and a Sinestro Corps member are locked in battle and the GL has been hurt bad. As he warns them, they babble in an unknown language that even the GL Ring cannot translate. We watch as the supposed leader places her hand upon the GL's chest and Green Energy suffocates him. When he dies, she loses control of Green Energy. We hear I guess the Indigo Staff say Will before it is usurped.

Sinestro dude quickly realizes he needs to battle so he fires a bolt at the Indigo leader and her staff sucks the energy up. We hear the word Fear and suddenly the Lantern is battling a large Yellow Energy creature and it seems he flies away.

How does the actions deal with Compassion? First we must remember that this is on the extreme of the spectrum. Second, to have Compassion one must empathize with another. So the power appears to be to take the power of the closest energy and use it. Taking an idea of empathetic harmony makes sense to me. No clue on weakness. Killing the Green Lantern could be an act of mercy, or they believe in bringing peace through eradication. Would they have killed the Sinestro Corpsman? These are very interesting Lanterns.


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SONICMAN2 said...

Good writeup(read carefully! lol).

My books for July show up tomorrow!(30th). Cant wait to read all the Blackest Night books.