Friday, June 19, 2009

Day One: HeroesCon 2009

I went to HeroesCon today in Charlotte. Will return tomorrow as well. The Convention was in a different area of the Charlotte Convention Center this year and that was just the start of a weird vibe this year. The other came at the DC Universe Panel. I left after just about ten minutes. I really think not having Dan Didio there was what hurt. He is animated and Satler was not. I was bored and headed back to the floor. I think knowing I could not buy things like I wanted was another thing that hurt my enjoyment.
Had my friend not accompanied me I would have been so bummed. It helped a great deal this year having him around to joke about things. Kelly Yates was awesome to talk to while we wandered. He had some cool Dr. Who cards and other artwork that just rocked. There were some slutty Batgirls floating around. One young boy was dressed as the classic Nova. Saw a few cool kids dressed up. One African-American Captain America that I was unable to nail down for a pic, I hope he is there tomorrow.
I got a Fozzie Bear Head Sketch. The BOOM Studios company had some nice HeroesCon exclusive Covers. There was really not any true deals this year. Prices were stable and the same across the board. Artist have some deals, but not many. I did spy a really cool MJ print I think I will buy tomorrow.
Was just different. I figure I will try some panels again. The Yu Gi Oh regional tournament will be there tomorrow as well. I have always wanted to see the game as it should be played. I did snag some fifty cent books. I also was able to get some signatures. Mark Waid was really nice to talk with along with Renae DeLiz and Ray Dillon. Well, I need rest and some energy restored. Will post about tomorrow when it comes.


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SONICMAN2 said...

Keep the news flowing bro. Odd that Didio wasnt there. I havent got to go a con in years! sigh