Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blackest Night Rocks!

OK, so I am having trouble being regular with the post. I have been getting my Blackest Night fix in major clumping doses. One advantage of not being able to get to the shop every two weeks (maybe the only advantage) is I get to read consecutive parts of the story. It seems I was on to something with the whole White Lantern idea, "Hal's Final Ring," just maybe not as it will in, but pretty close so far.

Looks like miss Dove is at Peace and Peace gives off a white color for the emotion. She also fried the Black Lanterns around her and deactivated the rings. So Cool!

Many are feeling the economic pinch, this event is at the very least delivering your monies worth. I am worried about what I heard concerning Guy becoming a Red Lantern. I do so like the Indigo Tribe. They rock so far. I like that they seem to have been hidden just for this occasion. I also loved the scene where Larfleeze is being chased by the Black Lanterns he killed to make his construct Corps from. That was so funny.

I am trying to figure out a schedule and a way to post more. I just need so passion to write about things again.



sonicman2006 said...

I agree CBG, Blackest Night is turning out to be a good story IMHO.

Since I'm using DCBS instead of a local store now I'm reading several issues in a row as well. I kinda like that despite being without a book to read for a couple of weeks.

Had HS church retreat over this last weekend. I have a couple of the youth that have gotten hooked on comics through my sharing with them. Well, 1 was already reading/buying, but he was like "WOW" when he saw my collection when they came over awhile back to the house(12 long boxes). In fact we were talking about Blackest Night on the trip and what we thought was going to happen(White Lantern).

Ghost In The Shadows said...