Thursday, October 1, 2009


Am I through trying to do something online with comics? Not sure. I get my comics in these bulk collections when I can from the shop so I cannot stay current. Doing back issues seems less then fabulous. So I wonder if I can do this and if it is fair to not post regularly. I will see in the coming days.

I am loving the Blackest Night event from DC. I like reading Echo. Recently I got a nice back issue collection of AVENGERS and DAZZLER comics, so that is how I am reading Marvel right now.

I walked away from all new Marvel comics around the start of Brand New Day. Surprisingly I am finding I do not miss the company I grew up on. It is something how I went from years ago reading nothing but Marvel to not reading any new books from them at all.

On the positive front, job is good and I am healthier. Just need more cash coming in, but so far I am struggling along. Sorry it has been so long.


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sonicman2006 said...

Well, cant speak for everyone else CBG, but I check things out each day along with a few other sites.

Good to hear that things are going better for you. Cantw ait to hear what you got in back issues of Avengers. What issue run did you get? My favorite was in the late 70's early 80's. Cant remember the #ing offhand, but it was when I started collecting as a kid. Id have to research but I remember it had anyman growing and punching out the a couple of avengers while the others were covered in ants on the cover.