Thursday, February 5, 2009

Help Rich Out!!!!!

Do You Twitter? I do not, but I do wish to help out someone who is in a Twitter Challenge. Both involved are in the Ghost's past. Since I can hold a grudge, with a site and not the friend as much, I have decided to delay the start of D-List Comic Series to make a plea to help Rich over at Comic By Comic to win this Twitter Challenge. Help him out please. Follow him and then I can watch him gloat as the Ghost reaches beyond the ether to exact some semblance of geeky vengeance.

Yes it is very petty, but you know what, I am a Ghost now so that is that. Anyway, I just want to let them both know I am still around. So go Follow Rich and let the heavens know what it means when Geeks unite to smite other Geeks.



David Bird said...

First off, I know nothing about twittering. Would simply listing myself as a follower on his blog count?

Second, my computer died over the Christmasn holidays and I lost all my email addresses. Drop my a line sometime.

Chris said...

No respect I tell you. LOL.

Ghost In The Shadows said...

*sticks tongue out at Chris*

David, I will try and get an email off soon, be tied up tomorrow at a meeting that I hope helps me network, but I stink at that so I mainly just need to get out of the house.

Rich said...

David, you really should be a follower already!! :)

Chris - ha ha!

Ghost- Your support is always appreciated!! Hope things are well with you :)