Sunday, December 28, 2008

Whenever things seem bleak.....I turn to the Flight.

I have never really understood why, but reading my run of the first volume of ALPHA FLIGHT just feels good. I love this super team. They were always a varied and eclectic groups of heroes. I own the entire run of that first volume. I only ever bought one issue brand new. Issue #106, and I bet some of you know the issue I speak of. The Jim Lee work is the only ones I purchased at any great expense. I bought the rest over about a twenty year period. My Mom bought me my first two issues at the first ever "Just A Dollar" store in our area. I got three comics for one dollar and two of those were Issue #23 and Issue #98 of Alpha Flight. From that day on it was a yard sale and flea market hunt with some three for a buck collections thrown in. It all ended in 2007 at HeroesCon when I at last found Issue #74 and paid the fifty cents it cost. So now it is one of those old comforts I reread from start to finish and just enjoy. It really is better than anything Marvel is publishing currently in my opinion. I will have a more detailed look at the Flight soon.


P.S. I really like Heather Hudson the best, but there are not many good online pics I have found yet.


Rich said...

I like Byrne's original 'non-team' run on the book, but felt it went downhill afterwards, what with backpedalling on Northstar having AIDS (a fairy disease was the answer? hoo boy) and the changing of Puck's origins.

Still fun read though.

SONICMAN2 said...

I used to have the full run of Alpha Flight from the get go. I liked it because the characters were different from any team book at that point to me. My favorite charctor was always Puck.

And your right Rich. Byrne run was the best of it(as is most of his work). Sure wish he'd come back and do some more stuff from the big 2 .