Thursday, September 4, 2008

Casey Blue Beyond Tomorrow

So Casey Blue is an enjoyable read. It reminds one of the animated TV movie Invasion USA. It had a male alien raised as a human who finds he is more than it appears and soon is the only hope in an interstellar war. Seems close to what Casey Blue is showing its self to be. Casey is a young girl who is a volleyball player, sister, and loving daughter. Thing is she is starting to be able to do amazing feats of strength and agility. She also is waking up covered in blood, not her own blood either.

The art is typical male fantasy. Casey and all the women defy the bounds of normal physical realities. That becoming a given, the art is really nice and clean. The subtle combing of a stylish animated look for the settings compliments the human figures well. We get a mystery and a sharp sci fi feel to this almost horrific tale. Casey herself lends humanity to the story as she feels the remorse a normal human would at killing and doing so in a manner that defies conventional wisdom. She also describes the feelings of not caring, a primal responds that the ones she killed were just for lack of a better word, deserving of it. They did attack and try and do her harm. Or they posed a threat she perceives yet doesn't quite understand . So or heroine is a figure of a human losing control of herself and trying to hold to her morality and humanity.
This is a series that has been running a bit late. It is four issues into a six issue run. The series is to be the first chapter of the longer story. The problem may be that Casey Blue will start out and we may never have any conclusion to the mystery laid out. Hopefully, that will not be the case and we will get a long run of chapter series to enjoy as the tale is worthy of attention to those with a love of alien invasion tales. The secret invasion genre is not reinventing wheel. It happens many times like this book does. Take young person, have them discover alien heritage, have them stop Earth from being taken over or destroyed, and save home race from the evil aliens that are fighting the good aliens. It is a formula.
What can be fun and enjoyable is the journey of the characters. The little interactions that make up the larger framework of the story. These are what makes or breaks this genre. In Casey we have a heroine that has a family and friends that anchor her and will be of great use to add emotion to a sci fi tale of death and alien invasion. This is a book that might be hard to find. It probably flew under the radar of many readers. Seek it out if you like this type of story. You just might find a gem worth reading.
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